Chapter 9
There was no sign of two gestational sacs during the last checkup.



Avery could not believe that there were two babies inside of her a short week later.

She held the ultrasound scan in her hands as she sat in a quiet daze on one of the benches in the hospital corridor.

The doctor told her that the probability of being pregnant with twins was extremely low.

If she had an abortion now, she might never be able to have twins again.

Avery chuckled bitterly. All of this was the work of the Fosters’ private doctors.

When they had implanted the fertilized eggs into her, they had not mentioned that she was going to have twins.

Perhaps in their eyes, she was nothing but a birthing tool for the Fosters from the beginning.

When she began to bleed the week before, she thought that her period had arrived. When the Fosters’ doctors found out, they thought that the procedure had failed. When Elliot said that he would divorce her after he had woken up, the doctors had never seen her again.

The decision to give birth or not was now solely on her shoulders.

Avery’s phone rang in her bag. She had been in the hospital for over an hour.

She pulled out her phone, stood up, and walked toward the hospital’s exit.


“Avery, your father’s dying! Come home right away!”


Her mother’s hoarse voice came from the other side of the line.


Avery was stunned.


Dad was dying? How could this be?


She knew that her father had been hospitalized after his company got in trouble. He could not even attend her wedding.


She did not know that his condition was this serious. Avery’s mind was a mess.


She did not have a good relationship with her father. She could never forgive him for having an affair.


However, her heart stung painfully upon suddenly hearing the news of his serious illness.




The living room of the Tate house was a chaotic mess when Avery arrived.


Laura took her straight to the master bedroom.


Jack Tate was lying on the bed. His breathing was shallow and his eyes were barely open. When he saw Avery, he raised his arm in her direction.


“Dad, why didn’t you go to the hospital if you’re this sick?” Avery said as she held her father’s cold hand. Tears welled up in her eyes.


“That’s easy for you to say! Where would we get the money to take your father to the hospital?” Wanda snapped frostily.


Avery’s head shot up as she said, “Didn’t you get a large sum of money from the Fosters? Why didn’t you use that to help Dad?”


owes? Don’t look at me like I ate your money up, Avery! Besides, your father’s


Wanda heartlessly stormed out of the


not leave with


the day, Jack was still her father. He had always loved her, and she did not want to lose


mad at her, Dad. It’s not that she didn’t want to get you treated, but the family really doesn’t have much money,”


deaf ear to Avery’s


was low as he said, “Avery… My darling girl…


large hand holding hers suddenly let


shrill cry tore through the




her world underwent


married and pregnant, and her


but life


funeral was a gloomy


people attended the funeral, not since the


to a


a flock of


were the only


as dark as


Avery asked as she stared at


gaze and said in a dull voice, “I do. Even if he’s dead, I will


Avery did not understand.


you crying?” she


are complicated, Avery. It isn’t just


dragged her worn out body


Jack’s death to the end of the funeral, the process had taken


did not return to the mansion at all during


the Foster family




relationship with Elliot was colder than ice


lights were lit, and the


dressed to the nines and chatting away merrily with wine glasses in their






contrast to the liveliness of


she held Avery’s arm


with her slender, fair calves peeping out from underneath the hem. On her


was different from her

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