Chapter 16
“Who told you there was someone Elliot liked? Where did you get the information? Do you know what her name is?”

Chelsea was beginning to feel uneasy despite being adamant that Elliot had no other woman besides her.

Avery shook her head and said, “What I said was just my opinion… I don’t know Elliot as well as you do.”

Avery changed her stance after calming down a little.

She realized that things were not as simple as they seemed, and she did not want to be dragged in.

She just wanted to give birth to her babies and live an average life.

“You scared me! I thought you saw him with a woman!”

Chelsea relaxed after hearing Avery’s explanation.

“Elliot isn’t the kind of man you think he is. He hates women and kids.”

“Do you know why he doesn’t like kids?” Avery asked casually.

“To be honest, I have no idea. I don’t want to know either. If he doesn’t like them, I just won’t have them,” Chelsea said, then furrowed her brows and mumbled to herself, “He’s actually pretty nice to me.”

“As long as you’re happy.”

Avery gave up trying to change her mind.

Everyone had the freedom of choice. What was important was being able to deal with the consequences of those choices.

She thought Chelsea was foolish. However, in the eyes of others, her decision to give birth to her and Elliot’s children was probably foolish as well.

When the food was served, Avery was so hungry that she began to eat right away.

Chelsea had a lot on her mind and had lost her appetite.

“Are you sure you didn’t fall in love with Elliot?” she asked.

“I’m sure,” Avery answered with a nod.

Chelsea could not understand her.

“Why? He’s capable and good-looking.”

Avery looked up at her and said, “If I had to choose between you and him, I’d choose you.”

At least that way, she would not get hurt.

Chelsea was utterly taken aback by her answer.

“Why?! Are you—”

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“Sure,” Avery responded.

to send you a copy of the list?”

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