Chapter 5372

Maria raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at the door with her beautiful eyes.

After a while, she saw Larry and Ethan walking in with an old man, supporting each other.

And the old man who came up with Larry and Ethan was the old man who had been with Maria in Northern Europe back then.

Seeing Maria, the old man took a step forward with difficulty concealing his excitement,

Knelt down in front of her tremblingly, and said respectfully:

“Miss, the old slave is late, please punish me!”

Maria smiled lightly, and raised her hand in the air, softly said:

“Get up, you are not too late, don’t blame yourself too much.” Then the old man stood up slowly.

Sister Xian on the side was stunned.

The old man in front of them seemed to be about the same age as her master,

Conservatively estimated to be around ninety years old but at such an advanced age,

He still had to kneel down to Maria. How much respect did he have for her in his heart?

This also made her even more puzzled: “Miss Lin, what is the background…”

At this time, Larry said to Sister Xian: “You go down first.”

Sister Xian nodded quickly, and said respectfully: “Sir, Ms. Lin, I will take my leave first.”

and did not forget to close

Sister Xian walked away, Maria looked at the old man and

of Mr. Zhang

man quickly said, “It’s pretty smooth back to Miss, just follow

there were too many things to take care

“Did all my things come

couldn’t help nodding, and said: “I have all your blue

them here because the things

attention of the

I chose to enter Kazakhstan by special land route for

“Where are the things?”

someone to unpack it, and it will be

said: “You have worked hard on this journey, so take

so you should take

Zhang cupped his hands respectfully and said, “I

speaking, he remembered something and

Larry say,

Aurous Hill, although you don’t

during this time, don’t leave the Villa, so as not

said respectfully: “Okay lady,

speaking, several servants walked in carrying a lot of items wrapped in

Mr. Zhang checked them one by one and made sure there were no problems, he let these people leave,

from Northern Europe that day, and they are all

little anxious, and said patiently:

blue jar

Wait a moment, miss!”

up a blue and white porcelain jar and then handed the porcelain jar to

opened the lid, and the rich tea aroma

tea cake from it, and couldn’t help sighing:

looking forward to it for many days, and finally it’s

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