Chapter 5258

Maria smiled and said: “No need, I’ve already found him.”

“What?!” Ethan asked in horror: “You found him?! So fast?!”

“Yes.” Maria said seriously: “Life is like this, as long as you make a few key choices right,”

“You can make a fortune while lying down, and it’s the same when you find someone.”

Then, Maria said: “Today’s experience is more interesting, and I will tell you when you arrive.”

“Okay!” Ethan said hastily: “Then I’m ready to leave!”

Afterward, Maria didn’t get out of the car again.

And Larry and his wife didn’t delay too long.

After chatting with the school leaders for half an hour,

They got up and left the teaching administration building on the pretext that they couldn’t take it anymore.

Afterward, the couple returned to the car surrounded by the crowd,

And the convoy slowly drove out of the University and headed for Zijin Mountain.

of more than 30 square

like a nearly round stone with

between north and south and east to west is about six

of Zijin Mountain is a 5A-level scenic spot, while the northern half

the mountains hundreds of meters above sea level in

able to have a manor that is completely his own in this kind of place is, Entirely because Larry took the early opportunity to invest in

he was willing to invest and donate

gave him

this kind of manor, there is only one such manor

enters the mountain from the inner passage in the north of

the foot of the mountain, it is already a controlled area where tourists stop,

Road and

archway made of white marble, with large characters engraved on it:

at the grandeur and

not as exaggerated as those castles in

give people a sense of escape from the world when they want to be enlightened and far away from the

it is only a few kilometers away from the most prosperous business district in Aurous

be able to find a sense of escapism

full of towering old trees and various plants, Which are full of

see that there is such a large-scale private

of the entire manor incorporates the style

the mountain is

the manor is

layers like a cake, and the bottom

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