My Baby’s Daddy novel Anastasia

My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1920

Chapter 1920

One could not help but wonder about the girl that had commanded such care and attention from the car owner. Meanwhile, the girl in question was sound asleep, and she did not wake up from the long and comfortable evening nap.

At the same time, a figure who hurried into her neighborhood pressed urgently on the elevator button. When he arrived in front of the door, he was panting hard from the rush on his way here out of worry for Ellen.

“Ellen! Ellen, are you home?” Jared banged on her door without a care for the neighbors at that moment. He needed to know if she was home.

Ellen woke up groggily and thought she heard the sound of someone banging on her door in her dream. When she was fully awake, she realized that someone was indeed making a commotion.

Who is it? She tensed up. After taking a peek via the peephole, she immediately relaxed when she saw Jared. She opened the door for him and looked at his anxious demeanor, puzzled. “President Presgrave? What’s wrong?”

into a solid hug. He sighed softly and confessed, “I

even more lost. He appeared to have suffered from a great shock, judging from his tight hug that

her and held her by the shoulders. “Why is

“I just

when he realized that he had misunderstood the situation. It was

phone was indeed dead. “I’m sorry. My phone is off. I

your phone on at all times.” His heart had been pumping wildly

turn off my phone, and I will keep an eye on the battery level every day.” She raised her hand and swore. Meanwhile, the cat had climbed onto Jared’s

hungry?” he asked. She shook her head. “Not really. I

dinner later.” He lay on her couch and checked out the cat in his arms.

The cat rubbed itself against him and

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