Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 1343 the old Mr. Jones confesses

She tucked him in and took one step back.

After going out and looking back at him again, it was no surprise that he met the man's eyes of attachment.

It's funny to say the least.

The man is sick, the whole person is vulnerable up, look really like a child who can not leave, but also quite cute.

Amber sat in a chair outside and waved and smiled at the man.

The man saw that she sat down and did not leave, the eyes of the reluctance this lightened a lot.

Later, Ben came along and reported to Jared as usual.

In addition to that, there is a report on the old Mr. Jones hypnosis that Mikel gave yesterday.

Amber couldn't hear what was being said inside and waited quietly outside.

Anyway, when Ben comes out later, he will tell her again.

Ten minutes wasn't long to begin with, and Ben was out in no time at all, and he stopped in front of her himself almost without Amber having to ask, "Miss Reed."

to the hospital?"

Mr. Martin's heart, and after receiving it, he is going to send it back to their homeland

she knew, "Will you

was Makenna who killed Mr. Martin, so he specifically instructed us to notify him when we catch Makenna, and he will come

though he may not feel anything called

Schafer and told him about it, he was silent on the phone for a long time, and when he mentioned Makenna later, his

really don't have them, they just don't know it themselves, Mikel will be for his brother's death and

his head, thinking it made

walk out, did not expect to suddenly hear Amber mentioned himself, or about this, the

that she is not some emotionless monster,

looked down at his hands, hooked his lips and smiled, clearly able to feel himself leaping inside

people often call the feeling of joyful

of being recognized and

and Ben and

organize this feeling properly, and record all

way, it is possible that he has one more

not know, she finished Elias, looked to Ben to ask the business, "the old Mr. Jones

no one can resist, after hypnotizing the old Mr. Jones, the police

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