Chapter 1234

"Um... Strictly speaking, this can't be considered our 'wedding night; yes? Samuel, we've already registered our marriage... Besides, we've had kids long ago," Natalie murmured without turning back.

“While we’ve done all that ages ago, tonight is of a different significance to us.”

Samuel turned her around, forcing her to stand face-to- face with him. Their faces drew infinitely close, making the other all they could see.


“Thank you."

“Why are you thanking me, Samuel?"

“For marrying me and giving me children."

When Natalie heard that, her heart skipped a beat. Samuel's words were neither romantic nor sweet, yet such warmth suffused her that she almost melted into a puddle.

Lifting her head, she solemnly gazed into his eyes through her slightly narrowed ones. Her lips turned up, forming a mesmerizing curve.

“You're welcome."

the smile on Samuel's face

to resist the temptation, he dipped his head and again captured her rosy lips with tenderness written all over his face. It was as though she had smeared honey on them, for he couldn't get

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“What's wrong, Nat?"

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were a touch swollen. She couldn't help snapping her eyes up to

"Samuel, you're-"

do you like it

do the rumors describe you? Aloof? Ascetic? Resolute? Ruthless? If anyone else were

wanted to show Samuel's current demeanor to

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one will ever have the privilege of seeing the unrestrained and wicked side of me right now. I promise you'll be the only one to witness it in this lifetime!" Effortlessly scooping her up

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"Do you like It?"

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