Chapter 1142 The Wavering Of Your Mind

Helma lost all sense of rationality after getting slapped by Geert. Father? Is he my father? I hate Natalie so much that it is engraved in my bones, but he still lusts after her and slapped me just because I tore her photo! After stealing my beloved, is Natalie going to steal my father away from me too?

“Father, did you just slap me because of that stupid photo?” “It has nothing to do with the photo.” Geert pointed at her and snapped, “You know nothing, so you have no right to question me! Remember, no matter how capable you are, I’m still your father. You have to comply with my orders!”

Helma covered her swollen cheek and snorted out loud. She then spun on her heels and stormed out of Geert’s study. Geert watched as his daughter left in a haste. Instead of going after her, he crouched down and furrowed his brows.

Patiently, he picked up the remains of the photo and pieced them together. He managed to piece the shreds into a somewhat complete photo.

There were a thousand different emotions flashing across his face, some of which were greed, adoration, and hatred. At the Bowers residence, Emma was taking care of the kids who were having dinner.

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